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 P7g-7f (29069)
 P2g-2f (6840)
 P5g-5f (354)
 P1g-1f (21)
 P9g-9f (21)
 R2h-6h (15)
 R2h-5h (13)
 P3g-3f (12)
 P6g-6f (10)
 G6i-7h (9)
 S3i-4h (4)
 R2h-7h (3)
 K5i-6h (1)
 S7i-6h (1)

  • Maze is not a Japanese but an English word; its meaning is "Labyrinth".
  • The "psn-like" notation is the one from Shogiboard and ShogiEV, the best western shogi freewares for palm OS.
  • Sorry for the raw look and feel (more suitable to an handheld than a computer), but I am neither a programmer nor a graphic designer.
  • I once managed to program the same project with a nice board and nice images, but in order the images not to blink at each move I needed some Ajax (so it was more complicated). In fact I must have missed something because after a few moves the server threw an exception and the early version of this site was shut down by my internet provider.
  • All the records are from http://wiki.optus.nu/shogi/) (and there are more available).
  • In order to look at the end of the games, please follow the links to http://wiki.optus.nu/shogi/): Kifu for Java or KiFLA.
  • The URL of the pages include the number of moves before reaching this position ("tesu" in Japanese means "nb of moves") and the positions are ranked by decreasing order of frequency:
  • The "maze" can be included with an iframe in other sites dedicated to shogi, as on the French Shogi Federation website.
  • I am knowned as "shogiban" on the Forum Shogi France and the 81 square universe forum.