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Publish your kifu with « kifu for flash »

I have made a small input form to allow you to publish your kifu (game records) on the web. These game records will not be used in any database, as they can refer to whatever you want (ex: a position with no move played, an amateur game or whatever). You will get an URL for other people to directly go and look at your posted game.

Senpouzukan shogi openings

These pages have been created from a japanese website by Mr. TAITO: "Chidori gin's Senpou Zukan". This website gives usefull information about 100 ouvertures... M. Takodori has translated the titles of these articles on this page. What would be great would be to add comments in english inside the kifu files of these openings. If you send me the pages, I could upload them.

Hettapi's tesuji classification

Skillful moves are called "tesuji" in japanese chess, or Shogi. The knowledge of these moves is usefull, especially in the middlegame. These moves are organized piece by pieces with teaching examples, and are based on the website "Hettapi".

Takodori’s “delicious” tesuji from professional games

The following pages are based on an link collection from Mr. Takodori, available on the "delicious" website. These moves are shown from top professional game records (the full games are included). Mr. Takodori's blog is

Tsume shogi collection

Tsume problems are the Shogi "equivalent" of western Chess Mate problems. It is usually said that in order to improve your playing strength, it is extremely important to practice tsume problems. All the Tsume problems detailed in this section are available for download at

shogiban's amateur games

I am a french 5 Kyu amateur players. "shogiban" is my pseudo on the Forum of the French Shogi Federation, as well as on The 81-Square Universe forum. I have created theses pages to publish my tournament games using kifu for flash.